September 23, 2020

nurturing DREAMS - documentary on benefits of abolishing child marriage

"nurturing DREAMS," made in 2016, is a short documentary presenting how educating girls and abolishing child marriages has changed lives of girls and women in Gumma block of Odisha's Gajapati district and helped achieving many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at community level.

Supported by UNFPA, this short documentary directed by Basudev Mahapatra in 2016 was produced by Sanket Communications for PREM - an Odisha based NGO.


  1. Child marriage is not only a curse as a practice imposed upon girls, preventing them from Right to Self Determination, Dignity, but also restricts society from emerging from poverty, poor health, gender equality and see women strongly present themselves in social and economic decision making at household level. Basudev ji is just not a journalist to write on pertinent issues and poor growth factors affecting the society and country. He is a thinker who rightly studies and presents his neutral observations and data as analytics for policy makers, civil society and development agencies. This synopsis on Child Marriage presents the need to recognize the issue as not only a violation of rights of girls and women, but understand the profound impact on poverty and underdevelopment. Child Marriage needs to stop but the effort needs to come from within society. I hope the documentary really leaves eyes open for girls and women to come forward, government to take better action and civil society to support to lead to Odisha and the country get rid of this patriarchy backed practice end forever.


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